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The Birkdale Beach Haven Community Project was incorporated in 1975.  At that time,  the concept of providing a "community house" in which people can gather and connect as an urban community was very new. Birkdale Community House was the very first Community House in New Zealand. Today we can be proud of the vision and the intent of our founders.  


Since those early days we have grown to where we are now operating two Community Houses. We operate from two key sites, one on Birkdale Road and the other on Beach Haven Road. 


These are our core service areas but even more importantly right now we are engaging with government agencies, community partners and our communities as we extend our services and continue to meet the needs and preferences of our local communities.


We recognise that our founding principles and purpose as defined in our constitution in 1975 still has powerful relevance to our work nearly 40 years later. This tells us that those who founded the Project knew about building community, serving community and supporting community ownership.



To promote the well being of the community in Birkdale and Beach Haven.


To provide a framework for the organisation of activities and facilities designed to promote the well being of the community.


To promote the principle of community involvement and participation in all activities and services related to the well being of the Community and to ensure that channels are available for such participation.


To ensure that activities and facilities are directly related to the needs and wishes of the Community and that there is a continuing opportunity for expression and identification of those needs, and that priorities be established on this basis.


To recognise and where appropriate, participate in existing community organisations and institutions, provided that these are seen as working in the interest of the overall community.


To promote opportunities for individuals, families and groups to develop their own solutions with self-reliance and neighbourly help.


To evaluate continually all activities undertaken by the Society.


To promote research related to the interests of the Community.


To be open to collaboration with other community groups and organisations whose work aligns with BBCP’s purpose. 


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